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Fluffy Pink Bedroom Carpet

Fluffy Pink Bedroom Carpet

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Create a charming and cozy atmosphere in your child's room with the Pink Bedroom Carpet by NATURAL KISS. This adorable rug is designed with children in mind, featuring a soft and comfortable texture that is perfect for playtime and relaxation.

Made from 100% polyester fiber, this carpet is soft, skin-friendly, and provides a comfortable foot feel. The bright and vibrant colors, along with its simple and fashionable design, make it an essential element for your home decoration.

The bottom of the carpet is equipped with a point plastic non-slip bottom, ensuring stability and safety. It is suitable for various areas such as the living room, bedroom, doorways, or balconies.

Cleaning this carpet is easy. It can be washed with cold water and hand washed or vacuum cleaned. After washing, wring it dry and use a hairdryer or allow it to naturally dry to restore its fluffy texture.

Size Options: Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs:

  • 40x60cm / 15.7x23.6 inches
  • 50x80cm / 19.6x31.4 inches
  • 80x120cm / 31.4x47.2 inches
  • 80x160cm / 31.4x62.9 inches
  • 80x200cm / 31.4x78.7 inches


  1. Slight color difference may occur due to scanning, shooting, and other factors. Please contact our online customer service for the actual product picture if color accuracy is a concern.
  2. The carpet is folded and packaged for international logistics purposes, so some creases may be present upon receiving. Shake vigorously or press with a heavy object to smooth the carpet.
  3. The carpet may appear less fluffy initially due to the folding and packaging process. Simply shake the carpet to restore its fluffiness.
  4. Due to the soft and stretchable nature of the carpet, there may be a 1-3 cm error in size. If this is not acceptable, we recommend considering other options.




Origin: Mainland China

Shape: Rectangle

Design: home and decoration

Decoration Style: Modern home decoration

Material: 100% Polyester

Modes of Sale: 1 pc

Style: Modern Style

Use: Home

Use: Bedroom

Use: Decorative

Place: Living Room

Wash Style: Hand Wash

Technics: Machine Made

is_customized: No

Model Number: Bedroom carpet

Pattern Type: Solid

Use 1:: pink Rug

Use 2:: kids carpet

Use 3:: living room carpet

Use 4:: sleeping room rugs

Use 5:: carpet for nursery

Use 6:: Children room mat


Material: 100% polyester fiber

Bottom: point plastic non-slip bottom

Hair length: about 4.5cm

Applicable scene: living room carpet/bedroom carpet/door mat/balcony

Cleaning method: wash with cold water, hand wash/vacuum clean, wring dry after washing, dry with a hair dryer after natural drying to make the carpet fluffy

Packing method: Folding packing

Size selection:

40x60cm /15.7x23.6 inches
50x80cm /19.6x31.4 inches
80x120cm / 31.4x47.2 inches

80x160cm /31.4x62.9 inches
80x200cm /31.4x78.7 inches

This is a soft Long hair Shaggy carpet, which is woven with high-quality polyester, is soft and skin-friendly, has a comfortable foot feel, t the colors are bright and bright, and the design is simple and fashionable. It is an indispensable element of your home decoration design.


1. Due to scanning, shooting and other reasons, there is a slight color difference between the actual product and the picture. If you are very worried about the color, please contact the online customer service to ask for the actual product picture;

2. As international logistics strictly restricts the volume of the package, the carpet is folded and packaged, so you will feel some creases when you receive the package and open the package. You just need to shake it vigorously or press it with a heavy object to smooth the carpet.

3. It is squeezed due to folding and packaging, the carpet will feel less fluffy when received, but you only need to shake the carpet, it can be as fluffy as the picture shows.

4. Since the carpet is soft and has a certain degree of stretchability, there may be an error of 1-3 cm. If you cannot accept it, it is not recommended that you buy it.

Please understand the inconvenience caused to you, if you have any questions, please contact our online customer service!





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