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Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie

Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie

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Introducing our Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie, now available in a cozy flannel fabric with the added comfort of a weighted hooded blanket. Experience the ultimate combination of warmth, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits in one luxurious onesie.

Crafted from premium flannel material, our Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie envelops you in a soft and plush embrace, providing exceptional comfort and coziness. The flannel fabric adds an extra layer of warmth, perfect for those colder days and nights.

What sets this onesie apart is its weighted hooded blanket feature. The hood is designed with built-in weighted pockets, strategically distributed to provide a gentle, comforting pressure around your head and neck area. This weighted sensation promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and helps to alleviate stress, allowing you to unwind and find tranquility.

The generous sizing and unisex design ensure a comfortable fit for both men and women. With its versatile and stylish design, you can wear it while lounging at home, reading a book, watching movies, or even as a unique sleepwear option.

Our Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie with a weighted hooded blanket is not just about comfort—it's about taking your relaxation to the next level. Experience the soothing benefits of the weighted pressure, which can help improve sleep quality, reduce restlessness, and promote a sense of calmness.

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate cozy luxury with our Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie. Whether you're looking for the perfect self-care indulgence or a thoughtful gift, this onesie is sure to bring warmth, relaxation, and a touch of therapeutic bliss to your life.

Embrace the comfort, style, and wellness benefits of our Warm Unisex Thick Hooded Blanket Onesie with a weighted hooded blanket. Wrap yourself in coziness, experience the gentle pressure, and discover a new level of relaxation and tranquility.

Length 150cm Size: Length:150cm  Hem:160cm  Bust:164cm  Sleeve:80cm

Length 120cm Size: Length:120cm  Hem:148cm  Bust:148cm  Sleeve:80cm

1.100% polyester, soft short-haired face cloth and thick warm flannel for comfort and warmth;

2. Hooded hooded loose sweater, easy to wear and off, delicate sewing, you can wear the clothes in reverse;

3. The front middle pockets, the cuffs have windproof and warm ribs, which makes the clothes more functional;

4. Compressed package, open and hang for a few days after receiving the goods, the clothes will be restored to the original state, machine washable dry hand wash;



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